Giving stock corbels a vintage feel

Make your own vintage corbels

We are remodeling our fireplace and I really wanted vintage corbels , but I was on a time crunch..when my husband makes a decision to remodel it becomes a stressful emergency where decisions need to be made quick..no time for the hunt ..so I searched eBay and etsy and found many I loved but they were all too deep for my mantel , so I found these corbels at home depot ..they just happened to be the perfect size and the price was right..but the mission style was a little boring for my taste

they have these in the store or online and they are only $41.00 way under budget ( rarely happens)



so the first thing I needed to do was rough them up , ..I took all my frustrations out on the corbels..difficult customers , husbands, kids, bad past boyfriends..you know the usual …I literally threw them on the floor with all my might several times

throw them onto the ground several times, a corner gets knocked off? you are so lucky ..now they look really vintage

2. find an old chain or hammer…I used a towing chain with lots of rust..which added to the patina so it made me happy ..smash the heck out of them with the chain ( it is very satisfying, and I considered it my workout for the day )

so this is what it should look like, lots of grooves and dings for the paint to adhere to


I took DIY Clay Paint in a color called weathered wood, I love this color because it actually looks like Barn wood when it dries
I watered it down until it was soup consistency and wiped it on using a chip brush
chip brushes

once I have painted on the weathered wood , I wiped it off with a paper towel
this is how it will look, so it is basically a stain look without the mess of stain

I did the same exact step as before but with a watered down white, I used a white called vintage linen, it has gray undertones

this time I used a wet sponge to pull of some of the white for a distressed look
I went back and hit it with chains again ( maybe overkill)

I went over it a few times with the grey and white until I got the look I was going for

Here is the finished product, I am super happy
here they are in all their glory !

Blog post on the family room coming soon …

I love the rustic vintage look against shiny and new

Husband had to have tv above the fireplace, pick your battles ladies

Thank so much for reading, and if you have any questions please contact me at millersxingvintagedesign@gmail.com or on facebook https://www.facebook.com/millersxing/ or on my website www.millersxing.com

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